Activate your Laser

Activate your Vang - detail (print using your browser print command)

1. Step the mast and fit the boom to the goose-neck. It is best with the sail on the mast to get the rope length adjustment close first time. If it is too windy use only the lower mast and boom. The detail adjustment of the length of the rope will have to be made later with the sail fitted.

2. Fit the vang to the swivel and fit the swivel to the mast tang.

3. Fold the rope and pass the fold through the hole in the side of the vang cleat next to the swivel. It should exit next to the jamming jaws.

 lace the vang

4.  Keeping the loop in place, pass one end of the rope through the hole on the other side of the cleat.

lace the vang 2

You now have rope passing through each side of the cleat and a loop next to the jaws.

5. Make the loop larger and pass over the end of the vang.

 lace the vang 3

 6 Push it towards the mast until it stops against the rope where it passes through the cleat.

lace the vang 4

7. With the cleat jaws facing down towards the deck adjust the starboard length of rope to be 1800mm long.

8 Fit the key to the double block using the shackle.

lace the vang 9

9 Pass the end of the 1800mm tail of rope through the starboard side of the double block in the direction from the stern towards the mast and back down to the vang.

lace the vang 5

lace the vang 6
Pass the rope through the outer sheave of the vang cleat from top towards the deck and back to the double block.

Thread the rope from stern towards the mast and tie of at the single block with a bowline. The single block should be tight against the double block. (If the rope is not long enough - then adjust the length of the rope to allow the bowline to be tied whilst keeping the single block close and tight to the double block.)

lace the vang 6

lace the vang 7
Take the other end of the rope and pass through the single block in the direction from the stern towards the mast.

lace the vang 8
Pass the rope down through the vang around the remaining sheave and out between the jamming jaws.

lace the vang 1
Make a handle in the end of the rope.

14. Adjustment.

When the vang is released the boom and mast should be straight. The bowline that ties the rope to the single block should be tight against the double block sheave.

lace the vang 9
The result will mean that a slight downward pressure on the boom will be required to release the key.

15 You may use a length of shock cord around the boom to stop the key from inadvertently releasing whilst sailing.