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Activate your Outhaul




3 Harken air blocks - 22mm single sheaves

A quick release hook suitable for the clew

1.5 metres of 4mm rope

6 metres 4mm rope

25 cm of 3mm shock cord


This is a design  for a simple but upgraded classic outhaul without using deck fittings. If any more purchase is required then buying the XD deck fittings before anymore blocks is the better option.


Tie a block to the mast above the gooseneck

tie a block to the mast



Use a Harken air block and a hook for the clew. The rope (1.5m x 4mm) is tied to the outhaul fairlead, through the block and back through the fairlead.


a hook for the clew


 The other end of this rope is connected to a single block.

connect a block


Use 6metres of 5mm Vectran, pass through the block and tie to the clam cleat.

tie to clam cleat


The other end goes through the clam cleat to the block fitted to the mast and back through a loop made in the rope


thread through the mast block

and finished in a handle 1623a

through loop


It is best to use some shock cord to keep the rope close to the boom

tie to boom


LaserPerformance have a leaflet available to print print in pdf

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