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Activate your Cunningham


Parts required:

Rope: 5 metres of 4mm diameter

Blocks: Two (2) Harken Micro blocks, sheave size 22mm, are recommended.
One(1) double and one (1) single



Use at least 5 metre of rope and tie around the tang leaving a 1 to 1.5 metre tail which goes up and through the sail cringle and ties off using a bowline with a double block. Adjust the knots so the block is tight against the cringle.

tie to a block


Tie a single block around the mast / tang.

tie block to tang and mast


The long tail is passed through one side of the double block


rope through double block


down through the single block


pass through single block


and back through the remaining sheave in the double block

pass through double block


and finishes through the cunningham fairlead deck fitting.


The sail cringle is released at the double block by undoing the bowline on the short tail.

LaserPerformance have a leaflet available to print print in pdf

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