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Activate your Vang

Parts required:

Rope: 5 metres of 4mm diameter

A Swivel to connect Vang cleat to mast tang. The maximum size allowed is 80mm when measured under tension.

Blocks: Two (2) Harken Micro blocks, sheave size 22mm, are recommended.
One(1) double and one (1) single

One shackle to fit the double block and be narrow enough to take only the vang key.

If you plan to develop to the complete XD system over time, buy blocks with beckets as they can be used with the XD vang cleat system.

The classic vang has two blocks. The vang cleat block that traps the rope and the vang key block that provides the connection to the boom. Some boats will have the key fitted to the vang cleat block. If this is the case change it so that the vang cleat block can be attached to the mast vang using the swivel. Discard the other block but retain the key which fits into the guide on the boom.

Rig so that it looks like this:

avtivate your vang

Laser vang key block

LaserPerformance have a leaflet available to print print in pdf

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